GLP-1 for Weight Loss

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By Any Other Name Through the onset of various communicable illnesses, we’ve become accustomed to naming conventions that include the way something is known in the scientific community and the way it’s known to the general population. An easily recognizable example is SARS-CoV-2 versus COVID-19.  Those naming conventions also occur with medications. GLP-1 is a […]

Maintaining a Positive Outlook

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Regina George Broadway. Mean Girls. Regina George, meanest of all mean girls, snarls, “I wanna watch the world burn! I got the gasoline. I wanna watch the world burn and everyone get mean!” If you’ve spent five minutes on social media or watching any iteration of the news, it seems the masses have taken a […]

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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Testosterone – The Making of  A Man? Sharp-witted Beatrice, one of Shakespeare’s strong female characters in “Much Ado About Nothing” opines, “He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man.” Her observation is, indeed, in keeping with the development of maleness as we […]

Stress Management

Tired of feeling stressed? Looking for a way to manage it effectively? Check out our tips and holistic care services at Patuxent Wellness Center! We can help you reclaim your life!

Low Testosterone

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms of low testosterone, it is important to seek treatment. At Patuxent Wellness Center, we provide comprehensive care to help you regain the energy and strength of your youth. Our goal is to provide integrative care that embraces all of you. Contact us today to get started!

GLP 1’s and Weight Loss

Did you know there are medical treatments available to help people lose weight? GLP-1’s, or glucagon-like peptide-1 analogues, are one such treatment. These drugs help regulate blood sugar levels and reduce hunger, leading to weight loss.